Workout Wednesday: Sabrina Herrmann

Hello, Strong Runner Chicks!  Today is a very special day, as it is the last Workout Wednesday of the year!  We are closing out 2017 with a wonderful interview featuring Sabrina Herrmann, a sophomore at NYU! 

  1. Who are you?  My name is Sabrina Herrmann, I am 20 years old, and I run cross country and track at New York University. My main event is the 5k, but I will also run the 3k, and occasionally the mile.
  2. Short description of running experience or greatest accomplishment. I started running freshman year of High School after getting 2 back to back concussions while playing soccer. Since I was told that I couldn’t play soccer anymore, I decided to give cross country a shot because I figured I ran a lot while playing soccer anyways. I was mediocre at best my first two years, but then my junior year of High School is when I had my first breakthrough. This lead me to be recruited by the University of Arkansas (go hogs). Even though I ended up transferring, I’d still say that that has been my greatest running accomplishment.
  3. What does your typical week look like in terms of workouts? When preparing for a race? We typically workout on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a long run on Sunday (we occasionally will have a workout worked into it depending on where we are at in the season). Monday is a rest day, and the remainder of days just consist of recovery runs! The week of a race– if it’s still early in the season– we will normally just keep training through, backing off intensity about 2 days prior. If it’s later in the season, we tend to keep it light and shorter and just maintain up until the race.
  4. What is your favorite running workout? Least favorite?  My favorite running workout is either tempos, or 1k repeats! My least favorite is 200m, 300m, or 400m repeats. My legs just don’t want to go that fast. Oh wait or hills, those are the furthest thing from a good time.
  5. How do you incorporate strength training into your week?  I strength train about 3 times a week, and it’s always just a full body routine. I tend to stick to body weight exercises, because this is what I have found works best for me. So things like squats, lunges, push ups–and it’s normally a circuit. I normally do this on workout days just to keep the hard days hard and the easy days easy, but it varies! I will also do core about 2-3 times a week.
  6. Do you work with a strength or lifting coach? We have a lifting coach that we work with, but the times that we are scheduled to go I have class conflict. Our programs are pretty individualized so each person can kind of just do what they want!
  7. What is your favorite strength training exercise? Least favorite?  I’m a big fan of wall sits or walking lunges. My least favorite would definitely be push ups or pull ups due to my lack of upper body strength, but I’m working on it!
  8. Must have training equipment?  My must have training equipment would definitely be a medicine ball and a yoga mat. You can do so much with the med ball especially when it comes to core, and a yoga mat so your back doesn’t hurt while laying on the ground!
  9. How has strength training benefited your performance?   I think strength training has definitely helped me with injury prevention. I think that being well rounded and having a strong core helps with stability while running, and just allows you to handle the training a lot better. In addition, if anything strength training has helped me mentally, especially in cross country. It’s a lot easier to get up a hill when you have been actively working those muscles in the weight room.
  10. What are your favorite training related resources?  Coaches are definitely a great resource in regards to anything that has to do with training! In addition, the amount of information that you can find online is quite mind blowing.  Runner’s World is a great resource and you can find loads on strength training workouts on their website. I also like to look at what the pros are doing (Emma Coburn, Jordan Hasay) and see how I can adapt it to fit what works for me!
  11. What motivates you to get through a hard workout?  Running is hard and workouts seem to make that even more obvious. The thing that normally helps me get through them is keeping my goals in mind. I like to set long term goals at the beginning of the season and short term ones throughout. I do a lot better when I have something I’m working towards, so just keeping that goal in mind really helps me. In addition, remembering that if the workout doesn’t go well it’s okay. A season isn’t won or lost in a workout, and this normally takes the pressure off. Once the pressure is removed, I just try and remember that running is fun, working out is fun, and I’m here because I love it!
  12. Favorite song to workout to?  I cannot believe I am putting this on the internet, but I’m all about honesty. My go to is the Crankdat Remix of the song Trap Queen. It’s just so dang catchy, brings a smile to my face, and reminds me to have fun while I’m out there.
  13. Do you ever have workouts that just don’t go your way? How do you handle that?  Oh, of course! Some days you just get out there and your body is like “not today.” Instead of saying that workout was a waste, I like to think of those as a good workout mentally. I mean if you think about it, it’s a lot harder to keep yourself in it mentally when you aren’t feeling well, so I like to use those workouts as practice for what’s to come in the race. Also, remembering that in about 2 days from now you get to try again makes it easier. I also always say, “you can’t win them all.” It started out as a joke, but there’s some truth to it, and just brush it off and try and do better next time!
  14. What is your favorite way to recover from a tough workout? I like to have a nice meal filled with carbs, fat, and protein after a tough workout! Also, stretching and foam rolling really helps loads!
  15. Do you have a favorite spot or location to run?   Yes! We normally do our long runs in Central Park ,and it is one hundred percent the best part of my week. I really look forward to it, and I always notice something new every single time!
  16. What does being a strong runner chick mean to you?  To me, being a strong runner chick means having balance, patience, and determination. You need to have the determination to really go after it in racing and training, but also the discipline and patience to allow your body to recover. Balance between running, and strength training, and also life outside of running. Also listening to your body, and finding what works for you because no two bodies are the same!

Wanna see some of Sabrina’s awesome recipes?  Catch her on Instagram @arunnersappetite!

All photos courtesy of the Herrmann family

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