Workout Wednesday: Kortney Schardt

Happy Wednesday Strong Runner Chicks! Today we are catching up with soon-to-be sophomore Kortney Schardt from Belmont University. Kortney was a top finisher for the Bruin Cross Country team in multiple meets during the 2016 season, and she has some great resources to share with us!

  1. Who are you?  (Name, Age, Team, Running Events) Kortney Schardt, Age 19. I attend Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee and participate in Cross Country and Track. In track, I mostly run the 5k, mile, and 1500 meter run, but I’m looking forward to trying new events in years to come!
  2.  Short description of running experience or greatest accomplishment. I have been running since the 5th grade, but really fell in love with it when I got into high school. My greatest accomplishment in my running career has been signing with Belmont University to advance as a collegiate runner. I have wanted to run for a D1 school ever since I became serious about this sport and the day I was able to sign my scholarship papers will be a memory I won’t ever forget.
  3. What does your typical week look like in terms of workouts?  When preparing for a race? My typical week of training varies by which cycle I am in, but usually consists of 3 to 4 base runs, 1 to 2 workouts, and if I have a race at the end of the week, which determines what the week looks like exactly. During summer training, I will get up to 60 miles a week, with one workout in the mix and a long run at the end of the week. If I am preparing for a race, I will most likely stick to 50-55 miles a week, with one hard workout on Tuesday and a “shake-out” run on Thursday to keep my legs fresh. This might be one to two miles at 6 minute pace with strides at the end.
  4. What is your favorite running workout? Least favorite?  My favorite running workout is repeats on the track – I think my favorite workout is a combination of 1000s, 800s, and 400s. I love the variation of distance and I love running as a pack as my team does during these workouts. My least favorite workout has to be a sprint workout. You would think I would enjoy the shorter distances, but my body is not built to sprint!
  5. How do you incorporate strength training into your week?  During the season, I have strength two times a week. One day consists of a more dynamic workout with a lot of movement and the other consists of weight training. I try to do abs 3-4 times a week during the season. Over summer training, I have 5-6 days of lifting/dynamic workouts for a 3 week cycle and a week off.
  6. Do you work with a strength or lifting coach?  Over summer, I work with a sports medicine doctor who writes my lifting workouts for me. During the school year, we have a coach who works specifically with the track and cross country team and writes our strength workouts 2-3 times a week.
  7. What is your favorite strength training exercise?  Least favorite? My favorite strength exercise would have to be ball crunches on a yoga ball. These are so hard but it really pays off!! My least favorite would have to be planks. I don’t think they will ever be something I enjoy doing
  8. Must have training equipment? Definitely a yoga ball and medicine ball. I also really enjoy using therabands to add another level of intensity to my workouts!
  9. How has strength training benefited your performance? I definitely have seen the benefits of strength in my training—once I get back into running after my after-season break, it better equips me for the transition. It helps me feel less sluggish and more efficient in my runs! I have also really noticed that it helps with injury prevention!! Compared to high school where I didn’t do a lot of intense strength work, I can see the difference in how my body deals with aches and pains in a more effective and efficient way.
  10. What are your favorite training related resources? (Books, websites, coaches/athletes you follow, etc.) A huge favorite of mine are books! I’m a big reader and I think they influence my life a ton! Two books that helped me change my mental mindset was “The Gifts of Imperfection” by Brene Brown (LOVE HER) and “You Are A Badass” by Jen Sincero. They have opened my mind to how the human brain works and thinks, and that has helped me immensely while training and practicing. Another favorite of mine is “Run Fast, Eat Slow” cook book by Elyse Kopecky and Shalane Flanagan. This has given me so many good ideas on how to fuel my body for the different types of activity I ask of it!!
  11. What motivates you to get through a hard workout? It is so easier to get through a tough workout with your teammates by your side and cheering you on! We all go into workouts with the mindset that we are doing this work, not just for ourselves, but for every teammate that toes the line with you. It really is a team mindset that we try to obtain as often as possible. Another thought that helps me push through the tough workouts is that they are going to make racing that much easier and familiar. If I put in the hard work now, I am going to see the results come race time.
  12. . Favorite song to workout to?  Recently, I have been LOVING swish swish by Katy Perry. It is such an empowering song and I can really work hard to the beat. An old time favorite is Hall of Fame by the Script. That will always be a go to before racing!!
  13. Do you ever have workouts that just don’t go your way?  How do you handle that?  For sure! I believe that is part of being a runner – experiencing the highs and the lows! Not everyday is going to be your best day and I think its important to know that going into a workout. I usually tell myself, “If you have given it your all, that is the only thing you can ask of your body”. Some days, your “all” is going to be less than other days, and that is OKAY! No training is perfect and how you handle the lows is really what shapes you as a runner! I believe champions are resilient and that is what contributes to their success.
  14. What is your favorite way to recover from a tough workout? When recovering from a tough workout, I usually start in the training room. In here, I like to roll out and get my muscles on their way to recovery. After, I like to ice bath to get the blood flowing down to my legs for extra help recovering. I also love fueling my body with lots of protein and water to give back to it what I just expended. That really helps mentally, as well, knowing that I am doing everything possible to give my body what it needs.
  15. Do you have a favorite spot or location to run? I love running back home in the trails by my house in McDonald’s Woods. It brings me back to why I fell in love with running in the first place and I am someone who loves to run in comfortable places, and I know those trails like the back of my hand!!
  16. What does being a strong runner chick mean to you? I love the confidence that this name brings to us women as runners!! I believe anyone has the ability to be a “strong runner chick”. To me, this term embodies a woman who indulges in taking care of her body in response to the work that she puts on it! Self-care is a huge plus in my running routine and helps keep my body happy!! I also love this term because there are no boundaries to who this can apply to! If you put your mind to it, there an endless amount of possibilities as to what your body can do! You just have to trust it and take care of it!!
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