Workout Wednesday- Groin Injury Rehab and Strength

Hi Strong Runner Chicks!

This month I have been battling a strain in my groin. As we all know, injuries are frustrating, but I am trying to use this experience as a learning opportunity. How can I help my body heal, and what can I do to become stronger going forward? These are both questions that I am going to answer in this week’s Workout Wednesday!

Groin injuries encompass injuries to the adductor muscles of the medial thigh, injuries to the iliopsoas (hip flexor), and combined injuries to the rectus abdominus and the adductors. The groin is a complex area, consisting of many muscles, tendons, ligaments, and attachment points. Injuries to this area can be tricky to diagnose, and difficult to treat. Luckily, groin injuries are fairly uncommon in distance running, and are more often seen in sports such as soccer, basketball, and football.

A key to rehabbing a groin injury is understanding where the injury stems from. There are several tests that can be done to determine this. An adductor muscle injury generally causes pain and tenderness near the pubic symphysis, along with pain with resisted adduction of the legs. A good test for this type of injury would be to place a ball between your knees and try squeezing your legs together. If this produces pain, the adductors probably partially to blame.

A good test to determine if the iliopsoas, or hip flexor muscles, are causing the pain is to lie down, bend one knee slightly, and attempt to lift that knee against resistance. Resistance can be created by a partner or solid structure.

Below is an active physical training rehab approach to groin injuries. I have been working on these exercises since my injury and can feel them working to activate and strengthen my adductors and core.

*Some Photos Curtesy  of RunnersConnect

Ball Squeeze Between Feet


Ball Squeeze Between Knees


V-Ups with Ball Between Knees

3x 10

Single Leg Balance on Wobble Board

3×30 seconds

Side Lying Hip Abduction


Side Lying Hip Adduction


Low Back Extensions


These exercises are a great addition to a strengthening routine. Strengthening the core, and adductors, as well as improving balance can decrease the likelihood of experiencing groin injuries.

Happy healthy running, SRC!


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