SRC Radio Episode 5: Elena Lancioni

SRC Radio Episode 5: Self-Love, featuring Elena Lancioni:

On Strong Runner Chick Radio this week, we bring you an episode focused on self-love with SRC Contributor, Elena Lancioni! She was originally featured as our Strong Runner Chick of the Week in June 2017. Elena is the face behind our Smile Sunday blog series, has generously shared a yoga course and a month-long self-love calendar with our readers (you can request yours by subscribing to our email list!).

In her life outside of SRC, Elena is a senior at Bowling Green State University studying exercise science and journalism. She enjoys writing, reading, running and being creative. Elena is always up for an adventure and loves making connections with new people!

Questions we ask Elena include:

-How did you get your start in running?

-You are currently running for Bowling Green State University. What has the collegiate process of running been like for you?

-What is your major and how did you come to choose it? Where do you hope to go in the future career-wise?

-As a contributor for SRC you created a free yoga course for our email list. Would you speak more about this?

-Do you practice yoga? If so, how do you incorporate this into your week?

-Additionally, you are the mastermind behind Smile Sundays! What is your inspiration behind this series?

-Some of the topics covered include self-love, finding balance, and respecting yourself. Would you elaborate further on these?

-What are a few daily practices you use to practice these?

Start by listing 3 things you’re grateful for each morning in a journal.

-One of your tougher features spoke about Helping a Teammate with an Eating Disorder. What do you think was the most valuable take-away from this?

-We have an exciting upcoming event with Smile Sunday’s…the November Self-Care Calendar! What can readers expect from this?

-What advice would you give to your Freshman-Year self?

-What does being a Strong Runner Chick mean to you?

-How can readers/listeners connect with you?

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