SRC Radio, Episode 4 with Emma Abrahamson

This week we have a very special guest on Strong Runner Chick Radio, Emma Abrahamson!

Emma Abrahamson is PAC 12 runner for University of Oregon Cross Country & Track from Carlsbad, California, a recipe guru at One Crazed Foodie on Instagram, active vlogger on Youtube and all-around awesome person! We are all about her advice on collegiate running, fueling well and keeping a positive attitude and sense of humor in our sport. We also featured her in our How the Collegiates Fuel series.

Listen to SRC Radio, Episode 4, here:

Questions we ask Emma Abrahamson include:

-How did you get your start in running?

-How did you decide on Oregon? What are you majoring in and where do you hope to go in the future?

-Your Instagram account has taken off! What is the story behind One Crazed Foodie?

-How did you decide to start v-logging and what has the feedback been like? Where do you hope to go with it?

– Tell us a bit about what you’re currently up to!

-What is your favorite recipe of the moment? Of all time?

– You are currently a student…how do you balance being a student and training? What do you enjoy doing outside of practice – hobbies, interests, etc?

Questions for Emma Abrahamson from readers:

– What are your plans career wise after graduating college?

– Quirky habits?

– Favorite running gear?

– Running plans after college?

– What is your definition of balance? How do you put this into practice in your life?

– What advice would you give your freshman year in college self?

– What does being a Strong Runner Chick mean to you?

-How can we connect with you?

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