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Enjoy this LifeHappy long weekend to you, strong runner chick! I hope you are feeling happy and healthy. I know many of us started school these past few weeks, and with a new school year stress can begin to creep in. It can be hard to remember to relax with all of the new assignment deadlines, meetings, and a busier schedule, but it is so important to take out small relaxing moments. I wanted to share some simple tips and articles that help me to remember to enjoy the moment I am in. Please feel free to comment below and share what helps you relax during change or stressful times.

  1. Reflection: Sometimes life can get very busy and we forget to soak up the moment we are living in. Reflection causes us to think about how grateful we are to be living life and doing some amazing things even if in the moment they may not seem amazing. I find that journaling, going on walks, or appreciating the beauty of the outdoors while I am running helps me to reflect best.
  2.   Stop overthinking: I am someone that overthinks a lot of small comments, details, and things that do not matter in this moment. I read this article last week, and one suggestion that stood out to me was to put things into a wider perspective. I find that when I do this many of the small details I was worrying about are not even relevant in one month.
  3.   Study somewhere new: I love going to a new coffee shop or studying outside. I think this helps me to change up my routine and feel like I am going on a mini vacation when I may not be able to leave school.
  4. Hang out with a friend: I love having my teammates to hang out with, but sometimes it is important to step away from someone who is on your team and hang out with someone who is in a club with you, another roommate, or a friend in a class. I find that this helps me to not worry about any stressors I may feel related to practice or running.
  5.  Embrace who you are: I cannot stress this enough! It is so important to love all of your flaws, where you may be at in the moment, and to stop worrying about the future or someone sitting next to you. I know the title may not be super applicable to where you are at in life right now, but I read this blog post on the F.L.Y. movement last week, and I loved it!

Life can be busy, but we should enjoy this life we are living. Each day is a new day full of opportunities to seize! Enjoy every last one of them.

Also, we send our thoughts and positive energy to all of those affected by Hurricane Harvey. I know there are many ways to reach out and help, so I wanted to share one I stumbled across today. Perfect Bars, an all-natural protein bar, is sharing 100% of their profits from online orders here to Feeding Texas.

I hope everyone has a great upcoming week this week!

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