Here at Strong Runner Chicks, we offer sports psychology coaching, running programs and strength programs with Strong Runner Chick team members, Kelsey Varzeas and Megan Flanagan. Both are avid runners and experts in their field. Kelsey is a certified running coach, sports psychology consultant and runner with Oiselle, while Megan is a certified personal trainer and former DI collegiate runner with a background in nutrition. If you are interested in any services listed below, contact or fill out the interest form below.

Sport Psychology Services

Offered by Kelsey Varzeas:

Mental Skills Workbook = $19.99

The workbook is filled with purposeful information that will help you strengthen your mental game to improve your performance. The workbook contains the following skills:

  • Performance Profiling – to help you reflect on yourself as a runner
  • Goal Setting – setting up everyday small tasks to reach your ultimate goal
  • Positive Self-Talk – when the going gets tough, strategies to get you to reframe your mindset and prepare you for the rest of the training or competition
  • Building Confidence – finding your best possible self in life and sport
  • Arousal Regulation – stress management during intense training and racing

Individualized Workbook = $65.00

The individualized workbook is tailored to your specific goals in your mental training. After a 45 minute consultation I will develop a workbook that is tailored to help you perform at your utmost level.

*30 minute follow-up meeting after receiving the workbook to chat about any other questions or concerns you may have!

Sport Psychology Consultation:

In-person = $100.00

Skype/Phone = $90.00

Running Services

Offered by Kelsey

Customized Run Coaching = $130.00 per month

Individualized training plan including detailed runs (paces, and mileage), workouts, races, cross training. Flexibility to adjust to your schedule. Unlimited email and text communication. One phone call per week. Advice on pre-race preparation, race strategy, and consultation on nutrition, mobility and recovery.

*Three-month commitment

*Longer than three months will result in a discounted price!

In-Person Running Consultation = $75.00

Conversation-based meeting to discuss concerns, worries, goals, and other areas of question. Will occur while on a run together!

*No training plan included

*1 hour duration

Skype/Phone Running Consultation = $50.00

Conversation-based session to discuss concerns, worries, goals, and other areas of question.

*No training plan included

*1 hour duration

Training Plan Only = $100.00

Individualized training plan based on your running goals, history, and work/life schedule. Will include an introduction session. For an athlete who wants an individualized plan, but does not require one-on-one communication.

*Three-month commitment

*May be longer than three months…prices will vary!

To sign up, email with your area of interest and we will be in touch!

Strength Training Program

Offered by Megan Flanagan: Certified Personal Trainer, Precision Nutrition Level 1 Coach, 1:26 half marathoner, Elite Spartan/Obstacle Course Racer.

4-week periodized, customized strength program designed to optimize your running performance and fit into your current schedule: $100.00

30-minute Skype strength consulting session, where we assess your goals, cover specific exercises to improve your running and develop an outline of a strength program integrated into your current running program:  $40.00.

Nutrition Strategy:

Sports nutrition strategy sessions available upon request. We have connections to Registered Dietitians (many from our Ask an RD series) and are happy to connect you with one of them based on your individual needs.

Amenorrhea Consulting:

Please consult Nicola Rinaldi, author of “No Period, Now What?”

**Please note, we are not registered dietitians or licensed medical professionals. If you would like to pursue these areas further, we are more than happy to supply you with resources.