January Self-Care Calendar

Hola Strong Runner Chicas! I hope you are feeling peaceful, motivated, and inspired in this new year. We often feel pressured to change or do something different in  the new year. I have learned that sometimes it’s best to own where we are at right now and not worry about changing. My intention is to add to my life to make it better or take away if something is causing stress in my life. I have been working on another self-care calendar and  the full version for January is ready to go!

We were so glad to hear that so many of you have been enjoying using this calendar! I enjoy creating it and adding new practices so you may add to your life. It isn’t always easy to think of new practices, so please let me know if there is something you enjoy or if you have any ideas!

I hope this calendar can help serve as a little reminder to take some time out of your day to care for yourself, make someone else smile, or do something you may not normally do.  No worries if you miss a day just pick up wherever you would like! We hope these little practices can help to make you smile and remember all that you are loved for.

Self-Care Calendar

January Self-Care Calendar
Print it out, hang it up, keep a screenshot on your phone, and share with a friend 🙂

We would love to hear what practices are your favorite, what you did for the day, or get any ideas for next months calendar. Tag us in your Instagram posts with #srcselfcare.

Thank you for being you!


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