SRC Ambassador Program

Meet our current ambassadors:

SRC Ambassadors

Alyssa Yamamura | Gilbert, AZ
Profession: Full-time Radiologic Technologist, part-time student
Facebook  | IG:  @misslyssadventuress
What does being a Strong Runner Chick mean to you? “What being a Strong Runner Chick to me means that even on days of success I am modest. On days of failure, I re-evaluate and try again tomorrow. It means even when my body tells me no, that is when my mind overrides and tells me to go beyond the discomfort. Our bodies are beautiful things that are capable or amazing things! Running has taught me that even when I think I cannot keep moving forward in a race, at work, in my personal life, moving forward is the only option we have. We cannot take back yesterday and what is in front of us is a beautiful challenge. A Strong Runner Chick to me is not selfish, is not judgmental, it is someone who is motivating and encouraging. For instance, I have ran marathons, 30K’s half marathons, 10K’s, 5K’s however sometimes it is more rewarding to drop down a distance class in order to finish your race first to be at the finish line for your friends or even to run in with runners who are close to DNF-ing. This past Sunday at the SHE Power Half & 5K that is what I did. I dropped from the half to the 5K in order to meet my friends who were running their first 5K’s and even half at the finish line with their medals. I volunteered at the finish line to support and congratulate women who displayed their strength and determination in the most beautiful ways possible. One of the last runners on the course was minutes away from DNF-ing and I ran out onto the course with her medal and told her that she was not going to make it this far and not finish with a time. She looked at me and I saw the fire in her eyes. She made it with one minute to spare and I have never been so honored to place a medal around another women’s neck until that moment.” 

Meredith Sorensen | Houston, TX
Upcoming Junior on the Varsity Cross Country and Track teams at the University of Houston
Twitter: @meredithdarciie (two i’s)
IG: @meredithdarcie (one i)
What does being a Strong Runner Chick mean to you?  “To me, a Strong Runner Chick is a woman that has been empowered and unified through one of the greatest sports in the world. It means learning from the successes, failures, and challenges that accompany running, letting them motivate you and others, and applying the lessons to other aspects of your life. In the past year, I have had to overcome two pretty traumatic stress fractures that appeared just when I thought I was going to be most successful. The incredible support I received from people who would not be a part of my life without running was overwhelming and humbling. So many individuals extended their encouragement during these difficult time:girls I used to race against in high school, parents of old teammates, past and present coaches, athletic trainers, and last but most definitely not least: my current teammates. Without these people reminding me of my capability, I simply would not have been able to bounce back in the way that I did. It is my support group that inspires me to be a Strong Runner Chick, because they are counting on me. They count on me to prove that pursuing your passion is worth it, no matter what stands in your way or how terrifying the pursuit can be. My teammates count on me to never give up, because the culture of our team depends on it. Being a Strong Runner Chick means being brave and resilient both on and off the roads/trails/track/courses, and sharing your experiences with and inspiring others.”
Linda Steinhardt | Austin, TX
Profession/School: I originally graduated with a marketing degree from the University of Missouri and worked in an advertising agency for six months, and then I realized I needed to follow my passion. So, I am currently going back to school (starting June 1!!!) at the University of Texas to become a Registered Dietitian.
Food/Fitness IG:
What does being a Strong Runner Chick mean to you? “Being a Strong Runner Chick means that I know my worth through anything. It’s being empowered to know that you are doing the best for your individual self in the face of what anyone else, media, or stereotypes say you should be doing. It’s knowing that my best will always be more than good enough. It’s knowing that my ability to be a Strong Runner Chick means that I can help and encourage people who are striving to have a confident mindset and/or people who may be struggling, and help them realize that they are a Strong Runner Chick too!”

Miranda DiBiasio | Washington DC
Hometown: Cleveland, Ohio
The George Washington University Cross Country and Track
IG: @mirandadibiasio
Twitter: @mirleighde302
What does being a Strong Runner Chick mean to you? To me, being a Strong Runner Chick means working hard and striving for success, but doing so through smart, healthy training. It means being in tune with your own body, understanding that everyone’s body is different and needs to be trained in a way that works for them. It is being a runner at any level who is dedicated to learning more about how to properly fuel and train from experts in the field as well as their own peers. Most importantly it means being a badass chica who is committed, educated, and passionate about running and becoming the fastest, happiest, and healthiest version of themselves.

Teylar Adelsberger | Columbia, MO until August 2017 then Charlottesville, VA
Retired runner for University of Missouri; GA for UVA
IG: @teyberger27
Twitter: @teyberger27
Snapchat: Teyyberg
What does being a Strong Runner Chick mean to you? Being a Strong Runner Chick to me means helping to create a platform for others to lean on and feel connected to other runners. It also means acting as a leader to those who may believe they are the only ones in their situation or thinking the negative thoughts they may have. Lastly, it means working as a promoter for education revolving around ways to be successful without feeling that “skinny” equals faster.

Allie Hackett | Abilene, TX (school) and Cranston, RI (home)
Abilene Christian University, Graduate student obtaining Master’s in Accounting
Instagram: alliehackett95
Snapchat: alliehackett
Facebook: Allie Hackett
Twitter: alliehackett95
What does being a Strong Runner Chick mean to you? Being a Strong Runner Chick means being on the fearless pursuit of your goals in your own unique way. It means recognizing what works for you and using that to maximize your potential. Being a strong runner chick also means encouraging others to do what makes them happy and supporting each other throughout the journey. Strong runner chicks love themselves and those around them while never shying away from a challenge! Being a Strong Runner Chick DOESN’T mean depriving yourself of enjoying life’s simple pleasures, training too hard or becoming obsessive, or constantly needing perfection. Simply, being strong means overcoming obstacles, being a runner means running, and being a chick means doing it with a happy attitude!

Michaela Hackett | Abilene, TX (school) and Cranston, RI (home)
Abilene Christian University, Graduate student obtaining Master’s in Accounting
Social Media accounts: Facebook, Instagram: michaelahackett95
Snapchat: michaela428
Twitter: mhackett95
What does being a Strong Runner Chick mean to you? Being a Strong Runner Chick means using the best of your abilities to do what you love. This is achieved by treating your body as the incredible and powerful machine that it is! 

Caitlin Glynn | North Plainfield, NJ
Runner at Stockton University
What does being a Strong Runner Chick mean to you?  A Strong Runner Chick is a woman who fuels herself with confidence over self-doubt, someone who doesn’t give in to insecurities lying around every turn but instead hurdles over them. A Strong Runner Chick recognizes that her body is the vehicle to her dreams and the only way to get there is by being it’s biggest supporter. She understands that her worth does not come from a number on a scale or a time on the track. A Strong Runner Chick does not let the mirror deface her value as a human being but instead recognizes that her beauty radiates from the strength of the fire in which her soul burns.
Your body is capable of extraordinary things but only if you let it. Love your hunger it’s what drives you, eat your food, it’s what fuels those dreams of yours, and run like the wind baby and never look back.
Katie Dammer | Clarks Summit, PAKatie Dammer SRC
Runner at Abington Heights HS

What does being a Strong Runner Chick mean to you?  Being a Strong Runner Chick means that I embrace the way my body looks, but I respect my body and seek to improve it by exercising and fueling in the best way possible. It means not being afraid of a weight room or playing other sports, if not for the benefit of improving my running fitness but for having fun and being grateful my athleticism. It means that when other people say that I’m a “big girl” for a distance runner, which, compared to my average competitor, I am, I tell them that it means I am stronger and tougher because of it. It means being committed to running, but not letting it be my everything; I am also number one in my class and involved in many clubs, community service, and a youth ministry group through my church. I also have a great social life filled with friends who build me up and not bring me down, but I know when it’s time to put that to the side and get serious when big meets or academic challenges arise. It means getting excited to meet any other member of the female running community, and it means that whenever a younger girl comes up to me at a meet to shyly tell me I ran a great race I look them in the eye and say “Decide that it can be you, and just like that, you’ll be right.” It means representing the running community well and encouraging others to be a part of it, and helping newcomers to the community to conquer the common threat of mental issues and eating disorders within our sport. It means I respect each and every single one of my competitors, but I never fear them. It means that I use the twenty-two hours a day when I’m not at practice to do something that will make me a better athlete, a better member of society, or both. Finally, being a Strong Runner Chick means being a badass who is fearless in any of my pursuits, even when nobody’s watching.

Maggie Head | Walnut Creek, CA & London 
Ontario, Canada
Oiselle Voilee
Graduate student (Masters/PhD. in Psychology; emphasis on body image and disordered eating)
IG: @maggieeemags
Stephanie Hoppe | Easton, PA

Team: Team Vark (local running store team!)
Profession: Manager at education nonprofit, part-time employee at local running store
Twitter: @hoppe_feet
Instagram: hoppe_feet

How do you promote strong, healthy running on your team and/or in your community? I promote strong, healthy running in a number of ways. I work part-time at a local running store, where I have the opportunity to positively impact and encourage local runners every week. I also believe that it’s so important to equip young girls with the skills that they need to live positive, strong, and healthy lives! I ensure that I do so by coaching for Girls on the Run in my community. Finally, I encourage strong, healthy running by writing my own running blog, which is featured online by Women’s Running magazine.

What does being a Strong Runner Chick mean to you? Being a Strong Runner Chick means pushing myself and others to be the absolute best versions of ourselves, through running.

Apply to be a SRC Ambassador:

Strong Runner Chick Ambassadors:

support the message, mission and behind our movement

believe that there is no “one size fits all” approach to running

seek to support others and serve as a role model in the running community

promote strength, inside and out

Is this you? Apply to join our ambassador program!

Goals of Program/Role of SRC Ambassador: to promote strong, healthy running on your team and/or within your community, both online and offline.

The Strong Runner Chicks Ambassadorship is a 12-month commitment, open to high school, collegiate and recreational runners.  Your level of social media engagement and influence in your community is an important factor in your application.

As a Strong Runner Chicks Ambassador, you will receive:

  • 50% off a rockin’ Strong Runner Chicks tank top and other sweet deals!
  • a spot on our website with links to your social media channels and blog/website
  • a leadership role that allows you the opportunity to connect with and learn from pro runners, experts and top influencers in our network
  • access to an exclusive online community and Facebook group with like-minded individuals
  • priority consideration for features, discounts and special giveaways!

In return, we ask that you:

  • post a minimum of 1 photo across all of your social media channels once every 2 weeks, tagging @StrongRunChicks
  • interact with Strong Runner Chicks via our social media channels
  • contribute to one blog post or video per month, on a related topic of your choosing
  • respond to emails in a prompt, timely manner
  • and most importantly, represent strong, healthy running while interacting with others in a positive, supportive manner, in alignment with our mission

SRC Ambassador Application Questions:

To apply to be a SRC ambassador, send us email at with [SRC Ambassador] in the subject line. Include the following the body of the email:

Name, Email, Phone, Location, Team, Profession/School, Blog/Social Media accounts.

How do you promote strong, healthy running on your team and/or in your community?

What does being a Strong Runner Chick mean to you?

How will you help spread the word about Strong Runner Chicks?

Include a photo in your application and a social media post answering one of the questions above, with hashtag #strongrunnerchicks.

If you have any questions on the program, feel free to send us an email at and we will be in touch. Thank you for your interest!