What is Strong Runner Chicks?

A community. A resource. A revolution.

We’re a growing group of girls and women dedicated to fostering strength in the female running community. From high school and collegiate athletes to professional runners and recreational runners, we’re accepting of all body types, shapes and sizes, proving that you don’t have to fit any one-size-fits all mold to be a distance runner.

Strong Runner Chicks started as a way to inspire female runners to embrace their strength rather than cover it up; to embody the curves, muscle, and STRONG female bodies that we were given; to foster strength in the female running community, inside and out; and bring together runners of all ages, shapes and sizes to an online community where we share ideas, tips, and personal stories on topics related to running, racing, strength training, fueling right and defining what it means to be a strong runner chick.

Who is a strong runner chick?

Any female runner who embraces her strength, inside and out; is not afraid to lift heavy and build strong muscles; eats adequately enough to fuel her body; leans into the struggle, whether it be an injury, eating disorder, or any setback that comes her way; exhibits a strong runner chick mindset; and encourages other female distance runners to embrace the strength in and outside of themselves.

Who are the faces behind strong runner chicks?

As a contributor-based site, our team has grown with the addition of awesome runners and active bloggers. We also collaborate regularly with Rachael Steil, former collegiate runner, eating disorder activist and author of Running in Silence. Meet the rest of our team below:

Megan Flanagan

Megan Flanagan


Megan is a former collegiate runner for University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and avid obstacle course racer.

Minttu Hukka

Minttu Hukka


Meet Minttu, collegiate runner for Boise State!

Johanna Weber

Johanna Weber

Fueling Guru

Johanna is a collegiate runner and Nutrition major at NDSU!

Jackie Turner

Jackie Turner

Triad and Injury Guru

Meet Jackie, collegiate runner for Augustana!

Kelsey Varzeas

Kelsey Varzeas

Sports Psych Guru

Meet Kelsey, Oiselle Volee runner with a passion for promoting wellness. A 3:16 marathoner and 1:30 half marathoner, she is currently obtaining her Master’s in Counseling with a concentration in Sport and Performance Psychology from Boston University. In her future work, Kelsey hopes to empower and enhance the lives of athletes with adaptive needs.

Aly Coughlin

Aly Coughlin

Up-and-coming Coach
Morgan Schulz

Morgan Schulz

SRC Contributor - Strength Focus
Rebecca Youngs

Rebecca Youngs

Soon-to-be RD & Recipe Guru
Elena Lancioni

Elena Lancioni

SRC Contributor

Hi, I’m Elena. I’m a student at Bowling Green State University studying exercise science and journalism. I love to run, bake, write, and be creative in my spare time. I’m always up for an adventure, and I enjoy appreciating the simple joys in life.

Join the team!

Who created strong runner chicks?

This blog was started by Megan Flanagan and Minttu Hukka, two strong runner chicks who met while running at Lamar University in 2014. Both believe in the power of strong running, refueling and mental toughness and will tell you that running well comes through strength!

Minttu is a world-class athlete from minttusrcsFinland who has placed at European Championships in steeplechase and has been sponsored by New Balance. She is now running for Boise State University in Idaho and studying Exercise Science. Her dream is to become an R.D. and work with athletes and possibly help them kick the butts of E.Ds. She blogs about her running here and posts delicious oatmeal bowls on her Instagram, @minttuhukka.

Random facts about Minttu:

  • My name means “Mint Wolf” when translated into English.
  • I’m just 5’4″ tall – but proud of every inch I have!
  • I’m gluten-free and have an egg allergy.
  • I speak Finnish, Swedish, English, and some Russian. My English is not perfect, but I’m always trying to get better!
  • I have fallen in love with Steeplechase (and fallen many times when running it!). My 3k steeplechase PR is 9.56.51.
  • I have represented Finland in i.a. World Junior Championships and European Junior Championships.
  • Coffee, nut butters, and oatmeal have a special place in my heart.

Megan is a former collegiate runner for the Gophers strongrunat University of Minnesota – Twin Cities pursuing a career in public health with emphasis in nutrition. She is originally from Massachusetts, but has lived (and run!) in numerous places from Indiana and Kentucky to Texas and Minnesota. She is also a certified personal trainer and has a blog of her own at meginspire.com. Follow her on Instagram @meginspirefit.

Random facts about Megan:

  • I’ve been a part of four teams throughout my running experience, from a team of 10 girls to one with over 70 girls!
  • I love strength training. Probably more than I should. Anyone down for a pull up contest?
  • I’m a former hurdler and steeplechaser and avid obstacle course racer.
  • Avocados, almond butter, eggs, sweet potatoes and cappuccinos are a few of my favorite things.

What’s in our future?


A Strong Runner Chick Retreat (get more info by emailing us!)

Extra perks, contests and giveaways for our top contributors and strong runner chicks!

Got an idea? Let’s make it reality! Shoot us an email at StrongRunnerChicks@gmail.com! 

Who publishes posts on strong runner chicks?

Simply put, strong runners like you! These are experience-based posts sharing wisdom and advice published by female runners, for female runners. Please note, following any advice from our site is at your own risk, and you should consult with your coach, physical therapist, registered dietitian, or other professional before implementing changes to your running, strength routine, or eating habits.

Can I contribute to strong runner chicks?

YES! This is a contributor-based site, which means we run off of blog posts by strong runners like you! Regardless of your age, running level, body type, location — we would love to share your story, recipe, mantra — whatever it is that you have to share. Shoot us a message with your idea or email an idea, link or draft of your post to strongrunnerchicks@gmail.com. We also regularly feature a Strong Runner Chick of the Week – nominate a teammate or yourself expressing your interest and you could be featured next!

Where else can I find Strong Runner Chicks on social media?

Like our Facebook page, follow us on Instagram at StrongRunChicks and tweet us on Twitter at StrongRunChicks!

Have a question? Leave us a comment below and we’ll add it to the FAQ!

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